Bath line

100% cotton with single or twisted yarns and various grammages per square metre, allowing the possibility of personalisation with logos or other designs.


Face cloth (Dimensions - 30x30cm)
Frequently arranged in bathrooms in small rolls, face cloths are a great option for guests. Usually bought in sets of 10 units, they are also appropriate to wipe/dry your face or even to remove make-up. Besides, they give a special touch to the bathroom decoration.

Guest towel (Dimensions - 30x50cm)
Regularly used as a bidet towel, the towel is also used to dry your hands. Just like the whole set, it is soft to the touch, providing you with a sense of well-being and comfort. 

Hand towel (Dimensions - 50x100cm)
Placed near the sink, usually in an even number, it is also used by people with longer hair to dry their hair after bathing.

Bath towel (Dimensions - 70x140cm)
The traditional towel to dry the body and/or hair after the bath, it is ultra-absorbent and comfortable.

Bath sheet (Dimensions - 100x150cm)
The bath sheet is, for many, the option that best satisfies taller people for its dimensions (larger than the traditional towel) or even for those who simply like a large and soft towel after the bath.

Bath mat (Dimensions - 50x70cm)
The bath mat, with a higher grammage to avoid slipping, is one of the fundamental pieces of the bath set. In addition to helping dry your feet after bathing, it ensures that the floor remains dry.

Bedding line

Bedding linen in different compositions such as: cotton, linen, polyester and mixed. Considering the height of the mattress, we recommend a measurement of 30cm so that it fits perfectly to the bed, taking advantage of the four elastic bands at each end of the fitted sheet.


Different compositions such as: cotton, linen, polyester, viscose and others. We produce plain or jacquard in different colours, allowing for the possibility of personalisation with logos or other designs.


Before choosing the size for your tablecloth, we recommend you to:

- Find out how many seats the table has;
- Measure the table, considering the ideal fit twice;
- Measure the diameter, if the table is round, considering the ideal trim once;
- If you want the tablecloth to touch the floor, calculate the measure of 75cm of leftover.

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